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High integrated and intellectual control system

32-digit double-CPU,inter-monitor of master-slave CPU increase the data processing speed to the greater exetent,The highly intellectual micro-computer module inside the system implements the most secure,accurate and effictive management and control towards the lift running.

Microcomputor group suppervision managerment system

Duty on/off rush-hour unning mode:it satisfiles the running requirements in the rush hours of duty on/off the public occasions such as the office buliding etc.

Even operation mode:it adopts the minimized waiting period distribution principle with the prompt and reasonable lift response

Ldle runing mode:the elevators have been evenly distributed in the designated area to wait for call in idle times in order to guarantee the quick and timely response towards the outer calls.

Long-distance monitor function

Perfect combination between GSM mobile communication and internet collects the real-time computer board and frequency converter data.It is of the wireless long-distance transport It fulfills the internet long-distance monitor.

Serial communication technology

It adopts the network communication , it greatly reduces the wires,enhances the reliability and shortens the installation period.

ID/IC card(Identification)

The ID/IC card exerts control over the use of elevator,which allows only the ID/IC card bearers to use the elevator,greatly increases the safety of building management,removing the concerns of the residents.